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StemCells Inc.  (OTCBB: STEM) stock is trading Tuesday at $2.06, up 8.99 percent from its previous close. The stock opened at $1.88 and touched its lowest price point at $1.85. Its intraday high price stood at $2.19. The stock recorded a volume of 5.58 million shares, in comparison to average daily volume of 1.81 million shares. The stock has traded in the range of $0.59 and $4.00 in the previous 52 weeks. The company’s market cap stands at 52.18 million and the stock’s beta is 0.35. STEM recently announced positive results for its Alzheimer’s drug…. Read Article →

Shares of Lattice Inc. (OTC: LTTC), a provider of advanced information and communications technology solutions to the government and commercial markets, are soaring in today’s trading. At last check, the penny stock of LTTC was trading 61.11% higher at $0.145, with volume up from daily average of 9,317 to 4.22 million. LTTC shares are soaring despite there being no recent news or development related to the company. The rally could be due to some stock promotion activity. Back in June, Lattice announced the U.S. Air Force awarded the company’s government services division a contract. LTTC’s… Read Article →

Shares of Urban Barns Foods Inc. (OTC: URBF), a development-stage company engaged in the sustainable development of fresh vegetables, soared in Thursday’s trading session. The penny stock gained 20% to finish the day at $0.180, with volume up from daily average of 16,087 to 3.27 million. Urban Barns Foods shares rose on Thursday after the company announced that its Securities lawyer traveled to Dubai and met with Urban Barns regional representative, Profound Management GT. The company is exploring opportunities in the Middle East. Dan Meikhelham, chairman of Urban Barns, said that the company’s partners and… Read Article →

The recent controversy over wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange has set the US and foreign governments in a state of near panic. But is the panic real, or contrived? Asian intelligence has speculated that wikileaks is a CIA Front used to disrupt, and to put the fear of US aggression in the minds of foreign governments, especially those in the mid east and Asia. An interesting article was published in the Pakistan Daily on July 28, 2010. But more recently George Soros, the CIA and the Mossad have been tied to wikileaks. So what… Read Article →

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