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Carnival Cruise ship or Gilligan’s Island

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Carnival Cruise ship or Gilligan’s Island?

Gilligans Island may be one of the thoughts that came to the minds of members aboard a Carnival Cruise ship earlier yesterday when the ship had a fire in their engine room which caused the entire ship to lose its hot water, telephone service and air conditioning.

The mega ship, which hosts almost 4500 passengers was nearly 200 miles south of San Diego, California when the fire broke out.

This caused the ship to lose power, and drift for approximately 55 miles near the coast of the northern Baja Coast of California. Luckily, they were able to get a hold of the United States Coast Guard whom was able to deploy some ships and aircrafts to the lost cruise ship. A few Mexican Tugboats were able to be contacted and was expected to meet up with the cruise ship later today.

Once the tugboat reaches the cruise ship, they will port in Ensenda, Mexico, where all the passengers will be dropped off and bussed back to California. It will take a few days longer to get the ship back to Long Beach, California, hence why they are dropping the passengers off in Mexico to be bussed out. Carnival Cruise Lines will refund all of the passengers, reimburse them for all transportation costs and offer them a free future cruise of equal value.

These passengers were quite fortunate and their outcome was not nearly as rough as those on Gilligans Island. Their voyage ended up with a happy ending.


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  1. i’m just glad these people are safe. would have been terrible to see them stranded without power and food for much longer

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