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Enhancing Wi-Fi networks is a must for mobile internet

Though 3G and 4G network technologies are here to provide internet connectivity to smartphone users in the country, the reports say that in the long run only Wi-Fi networks will be able to sustain the increased data usage. A lot of providers are increasingly seeking the answer to the question that if the future of mobile internet depends upon the boosting and proliferation of Wi-Fi networks. And in opinion of the TowerStream CEO Jeff Thompson, it’s a straight ‘Yes’. Jeff who has been conducting numerous Wi-Fi tests since summer in New York City, principally around Manhattan, is more than convinced that in order to keep up with the burgeoning demand for mobile internet usage, the carriers have no other option but to strengthen their Wi-Fi network technologies.

The last summer itself, Towestream had recorded data usage as high as 1 Terabyte on certain days on which the total devices connected to the network would exceed the count of 21 million. Perhaps, AT&T has the clairvoyance to see the looming demand and already has more than 20,000 Wi-Fi hotspots around the country.

The reason for this monumental increase in data usage through mobile internet is that more and more people are switching over to smartphones which on an average increase an individual’s data usage by more than 50 times. Combine this with the estimates that by the end of the year more than half of the mobile subscribers in United States will own a smartphone and you will realize the gravity of the insufficient network capacity problem.

Moreover, a lot of smartphone users are already hoping to Wi-Fi networks when they fail to get the optimum connectivity through the 3G and 4G networks. Towerstreamers intends to capitalize upon the demand for Wi-Fi networks in the country and as preemptive measure also, has also acquired powerful hardware from Ruckus Wireless. The new hardware is apparently capable of extending the reach of the wireless radio to as high as 1,200 feet and in combination with the robust network of Towerstream that can transfer data worth 200mb per second, the consumers can enjoy faster internet access over the Wi-Fi network.

Towerstream is planning to build more networks and then sell the access on a wholesale basis to the carrier service providers which will generate the much desired revenue for the company and also help the carriers in offloading some of their date usage. Not all the carriers use their own hotspots like AT&T and a lot of them do rent or buy access from other Wi-Fi network service providers.

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