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Is wikileaks a pawn in a bigger picture?

Written by Ifham khan

The recent controversy over wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange has set the US and foreign governments in a state of near panic. But is the panic real, or contrived?

Asian intelligence has speculated that wikileaks is a CIA Front used to disrupt, and to put the fear of US aggression in the minds of foreign governments, especially those in the mid east and Asia. An interesting article was published in the Pakistan Daily on July 28, 2010. But more recently George Soros, the CIA and the Mossad have been tied to wikileaks. So what is really going on?

This makes a lot of sense; especially when we see the type of state department releases wikileaks has exposed. Each apparently deals with aggression, and the threat of war…against China, Yemen, N. Korea, and Iran…

The CIA which few deny is a clandestine organization, has a free hand in choosing its operations, this organization generally with operatives from Yale University’s notorious Skull and Bones (an admittedly fascist organization originating in Germany), has been at the forefront of transitioning the US to a fascist form of Government, the same interest the large US Banks have.

In Fact JP Morgan was behind an attempt to over through the US Government during Roosevelt’s presidency, his movement which included the DuPont’s was to change American Democracy to a fascist form of governance where the corporations would rule. Seeing this has already occurred, and as most of America remains asleep, makes me wonder just what is really going on, and what they, those in charge of the US Government are hiding in plain sight.

When there is a diversion, such as the wikileaks diversion, or the Hilton Diversion, or any diversion, the media plays full into the game, and our minds are channeled away from the real picture.

In short don’t focus on wikileaks, look in the shadows to see what is really going on, it will surface, the truth usually does… meanwhile take the released documents with a grain of salt, their purpose appears to be of a singular design. Also keep in mind a propaganda program to be effective gives the appearance of a legitimate purpose…and so does the wikileaks disclosures.

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